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Conveniently located just off the freeway in Ogden, Utah, our automotive performance shop is your best source for your high performance building and tuning needs. 

We specialize in custom engine builds, ultra high horsepower machine work, drive train upgrades, custom brakes and suspension, and any of your high performance and racing needs.

For tuning, we feature a Dynojet 248x dynamometer that easily handles 1,800 rear wheel horsepower and 1,800 rear wheel torque.  Our dyno is one of the only dynos in Utah that can deal with large turbos and torque converters on such high horsepower vehicles.

Fast Times is known for working any hours that our customers need.

We understand that sometimes working until 4am is what it takes to get your car ready for the track the next morning.

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Last updated: January 27, 2012
Dyno Tuning
Does your engine not run as smooth as you would like? Are you looking to gain horsepower? Would you like to better your gas mileage?

Tuning your vehicle on our chassis dyno is your answer. Running your vehicle on a chassis dynamometer (or dyno) will display your RPM, horsepower and torque while it shifts through gears, which allows us to determine the best possible tune for your custom need, whether it's horsepower or mileage.