Dynojet Research
  • High quality chassis dyno
  • Rated to 1,800+ rear wheel horsepower
  • Rated up to 180 mph
  • Drum diameter of 48"
  • Automatic conditions measurement (absolute pressure, air temp, etc)

With its durable steel construction and high-inertia drums, the Dynojet Dyno can accurately diagnose performance or driveability problems in vehicles with anywhere from 20 to 1,800 horsepower at the drive wheels. Dyno runs can be done at speeds up to 180 mph, providing safe, reliable road testing right in the shop.

The Dynojet Model 248x Dynamometer features 48" diameter, knurled, precision balanced drums. The drums provide stable contact for the tire deformation resulting in precise repeatable results every time. The unique dynamic testing capability allows a realistic simulation of street or track conditions, highlighting mechanical problems graphically as they would occur and eliminating unnecessary engine and power train wear in actual road use testing.

Unlike other Dynos which simply measure horsepower, our dynamic testing and graphing capability highlights problems in an easy to interpret manner. Electrical, fuel, clutch, or converter slippage and drive train problems are determined quickly. All tests are stored for future comparison and analysis. Automatic measurement of the barometric pressure and ambient air temperature together with humidity measurement ensure repeatability between tests.

Dynojet Research has created Dynamometers that can duplicate the best "seat of the pants" road testing, right in the shop. Our method of measuring horsepower is relatively simple. Energy drawn from the rear tire is stored in a rotating mass sized to simulate driving a vehicle on the road. A computer connected to the Dynamometer displays horsepower by measuring drum acceleration. Runs with up to 1,800 horsepower are processed into easy to interpret graphics and saved for future reference.
Dynojet 248x Dynamometer Dyno
Fast Times Motorsports is your "one stop shop" for the best in domestic and import performance - street and racing. We have a full chassis Dynojet 248x Dynamometer (dyno) rated to 1,800 horsepower for testing and tuning 2WD vehicles. We also offer professional tuning services that are catered to fit your needs.

Let us put our years of knowledge in professional racing and street performance to work for you. We will help you get the most out of your vehicle whether you're striving to win that next race or if you're just wanting the most efficient tune possible for your vehicle to gain mileage or horsepower.
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